Understanding Motoring Offences


Speeding is one of the most common  motoring offences, frequently detected by automatic cameras. Many people will be offered fixed penalty tickets providing for a financial penalty and three penalty points endorsed on the licence. This may be an attractive option: you will not receive less than three points for a speeding offence, nor a fine less than £60 and taking the matter to court is likely to expose you to a prosecution claim for court costs.
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Dangerous Driving

Dangerous Driving is one of the most serious of motoring offences and can carry a gaol sentence of up to two years. It is vital that you seek legal advice if you are facing a charge of dangerous driving.
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Driving without insurance

You may have driven, or allowed someone else to drive, a vehicle without having valid insurance. Sadly, it's an offence you can comit even wihout realising you are doing it. 
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Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence

In addition to driving without a valid licence you can also face this charge if you have broken the conditions or restrictions of your licence. In doing so, it is likely that you will have also breached the conditions of your insurance. Hence you are likely to be facing two charges.
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Excess alcohol: driving

Commonly referred to as "drink driving", the charge of driving with excess alcohol typically leads to a madatory ban of at least twelve months,  unless it can be argued that special reasons apply.
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Excess alcohol: "in charge"

There are circumstances in which you can be charged with an excess alcohol offence,  even if you were not driving a vehicle at the time. This is where you are considered to have been "in charge" of the vehicle at the relevant time. 
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Driving under the influence of drink or drugs

You can be charged with driving under the influence of drink or drugs if your ability to drive is considered to have been impaired by drink or drugs, including prescription drugs. In the case of alcohol, you can be charged even if you "passed" a breath test.
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Driving without due care and attention

Often just called 'careless driving', if you are charged with driving without due care and attention you will be facing at least three penalty points on your licence and the possibility of a driving ban. 
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Failure to nominate a driver

Where the driver of a vehicle is alleged to be guilty of certain offences – including speeding and the most common other motoring offences – the registered keeper of the vehicle can be required to tell the police who was driving the vehicle at the time of the alleged offence. Failure to nominate the driver is an offence carrying a minimum of six penalty points for the registered keeper..
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Totting Up (reaching 12 points)

Any offence for which points may be imposed that would take the licence owner to 12 or more points in total, resulting in a driving ban unless "exceptional hardship" can be shown to apply.
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New or Young Drivers

Specific rules apply for new or young drivers who reach six or more points within two years of obtaining their first full driving licence.
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Taxi Touting

If you are a private hire taxi driver or private motorist and try to drum up fares on the street, or collect fee-paying passengers not booked through a licensed operator's registered private hire office,  then you will face at least two charges:  touting and using your vehicle without insurance. 
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