Driving other than in accordance with a licence

Driving other than in accordance with a licence (often known as simply "driving without a licence") includes:


  • driving without a driving licence of any kind
  • driving when under age
  • driving a vehicle of a class not permitted by the class of licence held
  • driving on a provisional licence without observing the conditions of that licence
    (such as not displaying "L" plates, or driving without being supervised by a qualified driver)
  • driving on any foreign licence beyond then accepted time limit


In addition to driving without a valid licence you can also face this charge if you have broken the conditions or restrictions of your licence. In doing so, it is likely that you will have also breached the conditions of your insurance. Hence you are likely to be facing two charges.

Take a look at this video of me explaining this in more detail.



Almost invariably, it is a condition of motor insurance policies that you hold a valid driving licence and drive in accordance with it. Failure to do so invalidates the insurance. If you are charged with this offence it is therefore likely you will also be charged with driving without insurance.


Maximum penalties

If your driving would not have been in accordance with any licence that could have been granted, then the offence carries discretionary disqualification and obligatory endorsement of 3-6 points, together with a fine of up to £1,000.


"Special Reasons"

If we can prove "special reasons", for example we prove that you were driving in a genuine emergency situation, we can give the Court discretion not to disqualify or impose points.