Initial, fixed fee consultation

The first step is to contact me and schedule a fixed-fee consultation.

020 7419 5054

We will arrange to meet and work through the unique and specific details of you case. I will ask you to bring any paperwork or correspondence you have received from either the Police or the Crown Prosecution Service, and I will:

  1. Advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution case against you, and outline the possible defences available to you.
  2. Discuss with you the best strategy for dealing with the prosecution and the likely progress of the case: what steps there will be and what will be involved.
  3. Clarify any doubts or questions you may have.
  4. Define the next steps to be taken and whether and how I can help you further.

To review your case thoroughly will typically take us around one hour, but if your case is particularly complicated we will take as much time as needed for the same fixed charge of £150 + VAT (£180).

Meetings can take place at my offices at 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX, but can equally be elsewhere if more convenient for you (within TFL zones 1 or 2 there is no additional charge, for zone 3 and beyond I may need to add a charge to cover travelling time).

The initial consultation may be enough to set your mind at rest, explain in detail the prosecution process and advise you how to respond to it. If you do not need legal help beyond this consultation I will certainly tell you so and there will be no further fees to pay.

Further advice and support

If you are likely to benefit from further legal advice, I will provide you with a detailed plan of action together with a fixed fee quotation in writing that will cover the completion of your case to its best possible conclusion, including:

  • Preparing your case
  • Representing you in court
  • Supporting you in any subsequent actions, such as applying for your costs to be reimbursed where possible

You can see a list of my fixed fees by clicking here.

In very rare, unusually complex cases I may need to charge at an hourly rate rather than a fixed fee.

Why I don't offer free advice over the phone


There are websites and advertisements that appear to offer advice on motoring issues for free over the phone and its understandable that many people call them as a result.

You should however consider just who it is you are speaking to when you call. It will typically be a case-worker, not a qualified lawyer, who will therefore not be in a position to offer tailored, legal advice in your specific case. Importantly, their role is to encourage you to arrange further legal advice, for a fee, from their firm.

My service is very different as you will speak directly with me from the first call, and benefit from my expert legal advice, tailored to your case, and consistent from the start.

Graham King

27 Old Gloucester Street
London WC1N 3AX