You have the right to appeal any conviction

You have the right to appeal a motoring conviction.

Even if you have already been convicted and sentenced by a Magistrates' court, it may not be too late to do something about it.

Take a look at this video of me explaining this in more detail.



You have an AUTOMATIC RIGHT TO APPEAL against the Magistrates' finding of guilt, the penalty that has been imposed, or both. You do not need any particular grounds to appeal: that you are dissatisfied with the Magistrates' decision is enough. 

But you need to act quickly. The time limit for an appeal is 21 days after the sentence is imposed. After that time, it may still be possible to appeal if you can persuade the court that there was a sufficient reason for the delay. 

If you are considering an appeal, you should consider taking legal advice, especially if you did not do so before being convicted.